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11 Experiments that Failed

January 31, 2012

11 Experiments That Failed
written by Jenny Offill & Nancy Carpenter
Schwartz and Wade, 2011
picture book

This book will interest your kids in science, and make you want to pull your hair out! Our heroine tries 11 unusual experiments, each going through the entire scientific process. Let me give you an example:

Question: Can a live beaver be ordered through the mail?

Hypothesis: A live beaver can be ordered through the mail.

What You Need: Five-dollar bill, envelope, stamp

What to Do:
1. Fill out mail-order beaver form.
2. Attach five-dollar bill.
3. Place form in stamped envelope.
4. Mail.

What Happened:
Allowance withheld until further notice.
House declared No Beaver zone.

You can imagine the illustrations showing these steps, right? Super funny!

How about this Hypothesis: Yodeling makes time go faster.

or this Question: Will a piece of bologna fly like a Frisbee?

or this Question: Can a washing machine wash dishes? (What Happened: Ran away to live in bathroom.)

Book Play: Make up your own experiments – and go through the same scientific process of hypothesis and discovery.



This is my last post for Colorado Parent Magazine. Thank you for reading and for reading books to your kids. 

I will still be blogging at Imagination Soup. Please stop over and say hello. 

Best wishes,

Melissa Taylor

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