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Simple, Engaging Book about Measurement

January 4, 2012

How do you Measure Length and Distance?
written by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson
Capstone Press, 2011
non-fiction picture book

Rarely do you see a non-fiction book so engaging! How do you  Measure Length and Distance? uses full page color photographs and minimal text. It works so well, you won’t feel like you’re learning something.

“Sue’s flower is growing.

How tall is it? How can seh tell?

She needs a way to measure.

Is ti the size of her foot?

No her foot is too big.”

The photograph shows the plant and the foot.

Later in the book, inches and feet are introduced. We measure a guinea pig, a dog, a car, the depth of a swimming pool. In other words, perfect kid-related things.

BOOK PLAY:  First use your foot to measure length. Try the length of the room, the car, or a bed. Then, use a penny to measure smaller things. Try a pencil, a hand, or a book. finally, try a ruler and measure small things like a penny, a paper clip, or a plate.

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