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New Halloween Books For Kids

October 9, 2011

I love these new Halloween books because they’re more silly than scary.

Count Dagmar
J. Otto Seibold
Chronicle Books, 2011
board book
Dagmar prepares for his Halloween party and needs the reader’s help to count what he needs. There are 10 sturdy flaps to lift, one for each number. 1 Castle, 2 Bats, 3 Vegetables, 4 Spiders, 5 Silly Monsters, 6 Friendly Skeletons, 7 Playful Ghosties, 8 Glowing Pumpkins, 9 Fluffy Owls, 10 Billion pieces of candy!!!!

The Sleepless Little Vampire
by Richard Egielski
Arthur A. Levine Books, 2011
picture book

Little Vampire can’t sleep. Is it because of the thoop!thoop! of spider spitting? or the Flappity! Flap! of the bats? Or the Scratchity-Scratch! of cockroaches crawling? All around Little Vampire are spooky noises but that’s not why he can’t sleep. He can’t sleep because it is nighttime and not bedtime. He sleeps during the day of course. Little Vampire written by Joann Sfar First Second, 2011 graphic novel Little Vampire makes a friend with a real human boy! The boy, Michael, visits Little Vampire’s house and meets his family and friends – the living dead. and monsters – who are actually quite nice. And so begins a warm friendship between the two.

Pumpkin Trouble
written and illustrated by Jan Thomas
Harper Collins, 2011
picture book

Another hysterical book from the uber-talented Jan Thomas! Duck’s antics will keep your kids (and you) in stitches.

AlphaOops: H is for Halloween 
written by Aletha Kontis, illustrated by Bob Kolar
Candlewick, 2011
picture book

H stands for Halloween so it only figures that this book starts with H, not A. Keeping with the random order, this is a mixed up order alphabet book of sometimes scary, sometimes silly Halloween images.

Never Kick a Ghost and Other Silly Chillers (I Can Read Book)
written by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Pascale Constantin
Harper Collins, 2011
early reader

A not-too-scary, silly. spooky stories perfect for early readers.

One Spooky Night
written by Kate Stone
Accord, 2011
picture book

Cut-out pages overlaid with vellum depict the story of a little monster walking through the woods where he sees Halloween-related sights such as hooting owls, grinning pumpkins, and floating ghosts. The effect of the vellum and darkness creates beautiful images.

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  1. October 23, 2011 1:46 pm

    Thanks for sharing these Hallowe’en suggestions. Our new favorite Hallowe’en reads are ‘Over in the Hollow’ and ‘Room on the Broom’ –


  1. Halloween Learning Fun - Books, Storytelling, Math, and Science

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