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A Beautiful Bedtime Book For Kids

September 17, 2011

Light Up the Night
written by Jean Reidy, illustrated by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Disney Hyperion, 2011
picture book

It’s been a busy few years for talented Colorado children’s book author, Jean Reidy. She recently published the delightful Too Purpley!, and Too Pickley!, and on October 11, her new book, Light Up the Night, arrives in stores. It’s a book that is sure to become a bedtime favorite.

The colorful, bold illustrations and soothingly rhyming, cumulative text shows a child’s special place in the world and reminds us that even as large as the world is, we each have our place in the universe.

The book begins as a pajama-clad boy gets tucked-in but doesn’t go to sleep right away. Instead, he imagines his blanket as a rocket shooting up to the stars where he places himself in different geographic scenarios (planet, stars, continent, country) with the repeated phrase, “in my own little piece in the universe.”

This is me, in my cozy bed, under my blanket, white and red, right here in my room, inside my house, on my street, in my town, part of my country, here on my continent, on half the Earth, circling the sun, while stars glow bright and light up the night . . . in my own little piece of the universe.

You can pre-order the book today and support this fantastic Colorado author!

Reidy is holding an online auction November 7-18 to benefit literacy in Africa and a library at Musana Children’s Home in Iganga, Uganda. The auction will be called LIGHT UP THE LIBRARY. Reidy says that if you have something you might like to donate to the auction, you can do so via her Auction Donor Form.

Book Play: Go to Google Earth and find your own place in the universe. Draw a picture of your bedroom with you in it or a map of your neighborhood.

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