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Thankyouplease and the Circus of Good Manners

August 29, 2011

written by Pierre Winters, illustrated by Barbara Ortelli
Clavis, 2011
picture book

Six year old Nina wears her hair in braids, is often grumpy, and talks back to her mommy. One day, when Nina is outside calming down she hears a voice calling to her from a hole in a tree. She peers in and discovers the Circus of Good Manners led by the Ringmaster named Thankyouplease.

Inside the tree at the circus, the acrobatic men performing on the beam turn somersaults and say “Good morning!” “Good afternoon!” and “Goodnight!” When Nina joins in, she copies what they say. The ringmaster explains to Nina that using those words is the nicest way to greet people. Nina watches more performers, eats cotton candy, and learns more lessons. When she returns home, Nina is a changed little girl. She says kind things say to her mommy and apologizes to her dog, Hugo.

We love this imaginative story of Nina, a girl to whom we can relate. This book is a favorite for bedtime stories!

Book Play: Play Simon Says with good manners words like “please” and “thank you.”

Pretend play using good manners with stuffed animals or dolls.

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