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Hilarious Letters to the Teacher

August 19, 2011

Dear Teacher
written and illustrated by Amy Husband
Sourcebooks, 2010
picture book

Young Michael is NOT looking forward to school. So, he writes many imaginative letters to his teacher explaining why he won’t be attending.

In one letter, he’s just recently rescued someone off of Mount Everest and then searched for treasure in Egypt and that’s why he’ll be late for school.

Michael sends a ripped telegram explaining about looking for treasure in the Amazon, living off beetles and spiders, and how the hippo ate his compass.

Did I mention he was also attacked by pirates?

“Dear Teacher,

I might be a bit late for the first day of school. The weirdest thing happened today. The head of the secret service turned up! They need me for a special secret mission to find a missing explorer. I did mention the math test, but he just said that the future of the country depends on me. I couldn’t say no. Sorry Miss Brooks.



P.S. Bruno is coming with me—he makes a good bloodhound.

P.P.S. The stuff I told you is TOP SECRET, so please eat this letter.”

This entertaining book is perfect for the beginning of school — and the best letter is the last, a postcard from the zoo field trip to his mom and dad where he explains that he’ll be staying at the zoo to work with the wild animals.

Book Play: Write your own excuse notes, letters, postcards, and telegrams to your teacher! Illustrate and bind into a book like Dear Teacher.

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