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Surfs Up, Pig Kahuna

August 12, 2011

Pig Kahuna
written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler
Bloomsbury, 2011
picture book

Adorable Fergus and his little brother Dink love the beach and collecting treasures there – seaweed, pebbles, shark teeth?. But they don’t love the ocean; Fergus knows that the water contains lurking, murky ickiness.

One day the brothers find a surfboard. They decorate it and name Dave.

When Fergus leaves for ice cream, Dink realizes that Dave might want to return to his watery home.

What will happen when Fergus sees Dave drifting away? Will he get in the water?

Well-chosen but simple text accompanies these gorgeous illustrations depicting the imaginative collection life of the two brothers. You’ll find the lesson of overcoming fears just as poignant as the wonderful way the brothers use their imaginations to make Dave. Jennifer Sattler is a rising star in the children’s literature industry, I predict big things from her.

Book Play: Print out this Pig Kahuna Event Guide with story hour suggestions, mazes, and more.

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