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Give a Tree a Big Bear Hug

August 7, 2011

Big Bear Hug
written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland
Kids Can Press, 2009
picture book

There once was a bear so filled with love and happiness that whenever he roamed the forest and came across another living thing, he would give it a hug.

No animal is too big, too smelly, too small for a hug.

But, what this bear especially loves to hug is trees. So, you can imagine his distress when a man with an axe arrives and starts . . . to chop down a tree!

Bear doesn’t feel like hugging now.

But, gives the man a big, ol’ bear HUG anyway.

And guess what? The man doesn’t want a big ol’ bear hug. He runs far, far away. And the trees are safe once more.

Book Play: Learn about trees. Look at bark on different trees. Use peeled crayons sideways on paper to make bark rubbings. Compare the differences between trees. Then look at the leaves on different trees. Gather as many different kinds as you can find. Make leaf rubbings using crayons and paper. Compare the differences of size, color, and texture.

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