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Doodleday Is a Book for Imaginative Kids

July 17, 2011

written and illustrated by Ross Collins
Albert Whitman and Company, 2011
picture book

Watch out — Doodleday is coming! And you better not draw anything. Or . . .

“Nobody draws on Doodleday and that’s that!” Harvey’s mother tells him before she leaves the house.

But, Harvey draws a fat and hairy fly anyway. Who becomes real, big, and starts destroying the kitchen! Then Harvey draws a big, hairy spider to eat the fly but the spider likes Harvey’s dad better.  More drawings wreak havoc — until Harvey screams for his mom. And, lucky for Harvey, mom knows how to save the day. She draws a doodle-mom.

Of course, Doodle-mom takes care of everything. And Harvey suspiciously asks, “Does Doodleday come every year?”

This is one of our favorite books of all time. We read it twice today already. If you asked my kids, they’d tell you it was awesome!

Book Play: Draw your own doodles! Use this coloring page to get started.

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