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Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

July 11, 2011

Quite Bunny’s Many Colors
written and illustrated by Lisa McCue
Sterling, 2011
picture book

Quiet Bunny loves the colors of springtime. One sunny morning he discovers that he is the color of winter — white like the now and brown like the trees. But quiet bunny wants to be a spring color.

Bunny becomes yellow with puffy yellow dandelions.

He becomes green with floppy lily pads on his head and arms.

He becomes blue by squeezing juice from the blueberry bushes.

He becomes red after rolling around in the red muddy ground..

Quiet Bunny’s red mud washes off and he is sad that he can not be a spring color.

Owl gives Quiet Bunny sage advice that all the colors make the forest beautiful. “We are all different colors, and we are all beautiful!”

Book Play: Go for a color walk. Look for one color at a time and make a color book. Find as many different colors as you can.

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