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Yoko’s Show and Tell and Us

June 26, 2011

Yoko’s Show and Tell
written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells
Disney Hyperion Books, 2011
picture book

Yoko’s Show-and-Tell is a story with a lesson. One that Yoko learns and my daughter needed to learn.

Yoko’s obaasan, her granny, sends her a little doll in a kimono for Girls’ Day. Yoko is so excited and she wants to show the beautiful doll to her classmates. No, says her mama says it’s too delicate.

Well, you can imagine what happens to the little doll and how upset Yoko is as a result. When she finally confesses what happened to her mama, the little doll visits the doll hospital where she’s restored just in time for a visit from Yoko’s Obaasan and Ojiisan.

And, just after we read this book, my JJ wanted to take her teeny fairy dolls to her play date. I said, no, they are too easy to lose. And, she assured me she would take excellent care of them so, I let her.

Well, like Yoko, she came home a sad little girl– without one doll.

It was such a valuable lesson. The next time she wanted to bring something to a friend’s’ house, she started to ask me and then, all by herself, decided against it.

Yoko’s Show and Tell is a story all children can relate to and learn from.

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