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Enjoyable, Entertaining Millicent and Meer

June 13, 2011

Millicent and Meer
written and illustrated by Richard Byrne
Barron’s, 2011
picture book

Millicent and Meer is a charming story with touchable thick pages and graphic-inspired illustrations. It’s a favorite at our house for bed-time stories.

Millicent mistakenly identifies the animal in the Meerkat box as named Meer and belonging to the “kat” family. She’s so excited to adopt Meer as her own cat; she’s always wanted a cat. But, Millicent’s dad doesn’t like Meer’s many uncatty behaviors, and banishes Meer outside.

Outside, Meer meets Marvin, an actual cat, who promises to teach Meer everything he needs to know about being a cat. However, along the way of learning all things cat, Marvin discovers Meer’s true identity.

How does Meer discovers he’s a meerkat and everyone get a happy ending? You’ll see that it all works out just perfectly. This is a book you’ll want to read over and over again.

Book Play: Learn more about meerkats. Watch a video on meerkats. Pretend you’re teaching a meerkat to be a cat. What do you teach?

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