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Non-Fiction Books Kids Will Want to Read

February 11, 2011

I’ve collected several non-fiction picture books to share with you today. I think you’ll find that non-fiction picture books these days are so well written, even kids who don’t always want to read non-fiction, will want to read these.

The Declaration of Independence from A to Z
written by Catherine L. Osornio, illustrated by Layne Johnson
Pelican Press Publishing, 2010
history, non-fiction picture book

If only I’d had a book like this when my 5th graders were studying the Revolutionary War and Declaration of Independence!

It’s beautifully painted. The text is readable and informative. I think this book is a great research choice for young historian.

V is for von Trapp
A Musical Family Alphabet
written by William Anderson, illustrated by Linda Dockey Graves
Sleeping Bear Press, 2010
non-fiction picture book

An alphabet book with a twist – not just about a unique subject, the von Trapp family, but also with pictures matching simple text and sidebars filled with more information.

My kids and I love The Sound of Music movie. This book gave us even more inside info about our favorite family. We loved it!

Inside Human Body
written by Dr. Aron Bruhn, MD, illustrated by Joel Ito & Kathleen Kemly
Sterling Publishing, 2010
science, non-fiction

I like this series – in this book, Human Body, the well labeled drawings on fold-out pages totally engage learners.

Also available are Inside Dinosaurs, Inside Tornadoes and Inside Hurricanes.

Nature’s Miracles
Once There Was a Tadpole
written by Judith Anderson, illustrated by Mike Gordon
Barrons, 2010
science, non-fiction picture book

Written like a story with a beginning, middle and end helps this book feel more like a story than a non-fiction book. The brother and sister cartoonish characters are just as cute and likable as the big-eyed tadpoles and frogs.

This clever series is clearly made for younger readers. Other titles include Once There Was a Seed, Once There Was a Raindrop, and Once There Was a Caterpillar.

How Many Baby Pandas?
written by Sandra Markle
Walker & Company, 2009
non-fiction, picture book

How Many Baby Pandas asks the reader to count the pandas on each page. Then, the page gives the reader more information about the panda bear – growing up, eating, playing, and habitat.


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