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Snow Play With Forts, Slides, Monsters and More

January 30, 2011

Snow Play: How to Make Forts & Slides & Winter Campfires Plus the Coolest Loch Ness Monster
and 23 Other Brrriliant Projects in the Snow
written by Birgitta Ralson, photographs by Vegard Fimland
Artisan, 2010

I’m writing this post on a seventy degree day in Colorado. Yes, it’s January and we have no snow. If it doesn’t snow soon, how can I make all this cool stuff with my kids? So, I haven’t tried anything from this book yet. Not with this weather. But, soon . . .

Apparently, we don’t need any fancy tools or supplies to become ice sculptors – just things like shovels, spray bottles, buckets and knives. Each project is marked for difficult with starts, one for easy and four for advanced. The book is divided into four sections: Curious Creatures, Magical Lights, Playing with Snow and Adventurous Spaces.

Curious Creatures includes a mutated snowman, my personal favorite, with a rating of two stars. The resulting mutation looks like five snowman melted together into a many faced, and armed creature. It’s very cool. Or you could make frozen critters — little animals with straws for legs, necks, and tails.

Magical Lights teaches you how to build a snow campfire, which is considered difficult. Or, if you have LED lights, make a group of ghostly alien-like creatures. I wish I had the photograph to show you, they look really spooky at night with their lit-up eyes.

In the Playing With Snow, learn how to sculpt letters out of snow blocks, make an ice charm for your trees, and build a fort for your marbles to slide.

Finally, learn how to build a snow castle, which is sort of like building a sand castle, in the Adventurous Spaces section. Also, if you have a hill, follow the directions to make an ice slide or a snow cave, both which look like serious outdoor fun.

I didn’t list all the imaginative snow ideas, but you get the idea how this book will make your snow play so much more than before. More fun. More creative. More interesting.

Now, if it would only snow . . .


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