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History’s Strangest Cures I Feel Better With a Frog in My Throat

December 26, 2010

I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat
History’s Strangest Cures

written and illustrated by Carlyn Beccia
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2010
picture book

Watch out – you’re going to find your children addicted to this book! It’s seriously weird, amazing and kooky!

Here’s how it works: the book gives you an ailment and history’s strangest cures. Then, you’ll find the following pages elaborate on whether or not the cure worked.  For example:

History’s Strangest Cures for Coughs.
Did any of these cures help?

A.  Caterpillar fungus (Origin: Ancient China)
B.  Frog soup (Origin: Sixteenth-century England)
C.  Cherry bark (Origin: Ancient Native American)

You’ll be surprised to know that A. Caterpillar fungus is MAYBE, B. Frog soup is a NO, and C. Cherry bark gets a YES.  Each is explained on it’s own page with an illustration like this below.

C Cherry bark: Yes

The Native Americans boiled cherry bark and drank it as a tea to treat coughs.  This bark contained hydrocynic acid, which helps stop coughing and can be found in most modern cough and cold remedies.

How about a frog down the throat for sore throats? Or spider webs for wounds? Or urine for stomachaches?

You’ll find it all out in I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat. It’s entertaining, educational and best of all, fun!

Book Activity: Research the history of Native American Indian science HERE. Interview your grandparent or an older neighbor and see what strange cures they suggest for the different ailments in the book. Then, write your own book of historical cures.

WIN a copy of I Feel Better . . . E-mail your name and address (to make book delivery faster) to with “I Feel Better” in the subject line. We will randomly select one lucky winner to receive a copy of the book. Deadline for entry is midnight MST on January 2, 2011

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