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One Mom’s Amazing Journey with Her Autistic Son

November 22, 2010

Now I See the Moon
written by Elaine Hall
Harper, 2010
parenting book, non-fiction, memoir

I couldn’t put this book down. We follow along as Elaine adopts her son, Neal, from a Russian orphanage, as he’s diagnosed with non-verbal autism, as her marriage falls apart and as she does absolutely everything to help her son.

When Elaine (aka. Coach E) embraces an new, non-traditional therapy from Dr. Greenspan, she changes her approach entirely. She stops trying to force her son to enter her world but instead, she enter his world. If he spins, she spins. If he’s on the floor, she’s on the floor.

Using her skills as an acting coach, Elaine founds a theater group for children with autism called The Miracle Project. A documentary film maker uses this project to make the award winning movie Autism: The Musical. Read more about Elaine and her work with autism on her blog.
Temple Grandin says of Now I See the Moon, “[it] provides insightful ways to teach and work with individuals with autism and severe disabilities. It will give parents great hope.”

Whether or not your have an autistic child yourself, you must read this book because chances are, you’ll know someone with an autistic child. You need to understand. You will learn so much from Coach E’s story.

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  1. November 22, 2010 2:11 pm

    I’ve been looking for a non-fiction book to read for a while now, this seems like a good fit. Your description of the book sounds inspiring, just what I need. Thanks for sharing!

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