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Seeds of Change About Wangari Maathai Will Inspire You

November 21, 2010

Seeds of Change
written by Jen Cullerton Johnson
illustrated by Sonia Lynn Sadler
Lee and Low, 2010
picture book, non-fiction

I learned so much about 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, “Mother of Trees”, in the biography, Seeds of Change. Maathai successfully started and grew “The Green Belt Movement” in her homeland of Kenya by teaching women to plant trees throughout the country.

Maathai’s mother taught her to appreciate the mugamo tree,  a tree important to the Kikuyu people of Kenya. Not only that, her family allowed her to go to school and she became a scientist and professor.

Despite persecution, this amazing woman worked to save the Kenyan environment and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Can you tell from the cover how gorgeous and African looking the illustrations are? I wish I could show you an example page, the colors are so vibrant!

You’ll love that this book reads like a story even though it’s non-fiction. It’s beautiful and well-told.

Book Lessons: Learn more at Time for Kids. Watch this kid friendly documentary. Download lesson plans from PBS and Library Sparks.

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