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Too Pickley Picture Book Laughs

November 17, 2010

Too Pickley!
written by Jean Reidy, illustrated by Genevieve Leloup
Bloomsbury, 2010
picture book

Colorado’s own Jean Reidy writes another entertaining picture book, Too Pickley following the success of her first book, Too Purpley. Now, instead of a picky dresser, we have a picky eater.

What parent can’t relate? Perhaps this will help.

Like most of our children, this boy takes one look at his food and . . . without even trying a bite . . . pronounces that it’s . . .

“Too Fishy!

Too Slimy,

Too Slurppy,

Too Bubbly,

Too Burpy!”

You get the idea.

Funny thing is, the boy ends up eating all his bood and when he’s done says, “So yummy!”

Now you can actually say, “I told you so!”

As with Too Purpley, the colorful illustrations make this a fantastic and hilarious experience. This kid makes some crazy faces.

Book Play: Read this great article from parenting expert Dr. Sears on feeding a picky eater. Download the teacher’s activity guide to Too Pickley.

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