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Surprised by The Night Fairy

November 4, 2010

The Night Fairy
written by Laura Amy Schlitz
illustrated by Angela Barrett
Candlewick Press, 2009
early chapter book

If you’re like me you didn’t know there were such fairies as night fairies. I mean, like any good Peter Pan fan, I do believe. I just never knew there were day and night fairies.

The book, The Night Fairy, will stay with you. You’ll read it and think about it. Then, you’ll think about it some more.

It’s a story of growth, friendship and redemption.

Flora, as a young fairy loses her wings to an over enthusiastic bat, who didn’t realize she wasn’t a moth. She bitterly resigns herself to living during the day and finding other animals to obey her commands. When Flora has the choice to save a hummingbird, even though the hummingbird won’t promise to obey her, Flora realizes that it is within her power to forgive, be compassionate, and be brave.

Illustrator, Angela Barrett’s, full page water colors vividly show just how small Flora is, the beauty of the garden in which she lives and the glory of flying on a hummingbird’s back.

I didn’t expect this book to be so amazing. It will give you and your children a lot to talk about and to love.

Book Play: Build a fairy house for Flora and her fairy friends. Printable directions here.


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