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Merlin’s Dragon is T.A. Barron’s Newest Series

August 17, 2010

Merlin’s Dragon
Book 3, Ultimate Magic

written by T.A. Barron
Philomel Books, 2010|
YA Chapter Book

The good thing about loving a book in a series is reading all the books by a favorite author.

Book 3, Ultimate Magic in the Merlin’s Dragon series captured me entirely – I read it without pause during a recent trip to the Colorado mountains. (Apologies to my family for ignoring them.)

The book opens with the mighty dragon, Bassilgarrad, leading the allies of Avalon against the fire dragons and their leader, the shadowy beast in the Haunted Marsh. When all seems lost, Bassilgarrad’s mate Marnya, a water dragon, arrives followed by Merlin himself.

Ultimately, the battle is won only to face an even bigger evil — one that neither Bassilgarrad nor Merlin could have imagined. When Merlin’s estranged son, Krystallus, attempts to use his non-magical skills to fight the beast, too, Merlin must decide to help Krystallus or fight the evil that wants to destroy Avalon.

To pre-order your copy on Amazon, click here.

Read it– you’ll love it as much as me.  Then, let your kids read it, too.  🙂

Read my interview with T.A. Barron here.

Books #1 and #2 in the Merlin’s Dragon series.


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