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A Whole Nother Silly Story

August 17, 2010

A Whole Nother Story
written by Dr. Cuthbert Soup
Bloomsbury Kids, 2010
chapter book

In this hilarious YA book, our opinionated narrator, Dr. Cuthbert Soup, the President for the National Center for Unsolicited Advice, tells the adventurous tale of the Cheeseman family.  They are an inventor and his kids on the run from rival inventors and government spies.

While on the move, they rename themselves, find new friends, stay in new places and continue working on their prized invention, a time machine. Their family includes a psychic dog, Pinky, who warns the family when the villains are near and a sarcastic sock puppet, Steve, who resides on the hand of the young Crandall Cheeseman.

My favorite unsolicited advice from the narrator:

“A wise man once said, “Those who forget the past are condemmed to repeat it,” and that would be a terrible thing because, as a wise man once said, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

My favorite new name for Barton is Joe Smith spelled “Jough Psmythe.

Book Play: Make your own sock puppet characters – and only use it to talk for the entire day.  (Not on a school day, of course!)

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