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Mythical Themed Pop-Up Books

June 13, 2010

Gods and Heroes
written by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda
Candlewick Press, 2010
Pop Up Picture Book

Now this is what I call a pop up book! Gargantuan pop-ups of gods and other mythological characters explode in your face each time you turn the page.  Three information-filled corners pop-up with more surprises. This is a spectacular book, even if you don’t read all the text. If you do read the information, you’ll learn about myths from the Greeks, Egyptians, Vikings, Asians, Americas and more.

Sounds of the Wild: Mythical Creatures
written by Maurice Pledger
Silver Dolphin Books, 2009
Pop Up Picture Book

I saw this book at Costco last week — does that mean it’s arrived?

I wanted this book because we’re huge Harry Potter fans. While reading book #3, we discovered we couldn’t visualize a Hippogriff and thought this book would help. It did.

The pegasas, griffin, hippogriff exemplify the Creatures of the Air and pop-out in colorful 3-D while dramatic music plays, a bird screams and a horse cries. Yes, there’s music and sound effects!! And, that’s just the first page.

Each pop-up page is fully explained so you can identify and learn about each creature. Read about Creatures of the Earth (like chupacabra & bunyip), Creatures of the Sea (like the hydra & leviathan), Creatures of Fire (like the phoenix and chimera) and Dragons of the World. Freaky sounds and crazy creatures make this book totally unique.

WIN a copy of Mythical Creatures! E-mail your name to with “Mythical Creatures” in the subject line. We will randomly select one lucky winner to receive a copy of the book. Deadline for entry is midnight MST on July 8, 2010.

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