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YA Fiction from Colorado Authors

May 27, 2010

The Web of Titan
written by Dom Testa
Tor, 2010
chapter book, sci-fi/fantasy

The Web of Titan is the second book in the Galahad series written by Denver’s own Dom Testa, radio host of Mix 100.

In short, I LOVED this book.

In long, the teenager characters are continuing their journey in space toward a different solar system. While they travel, they encounter a mystery around the moon of Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. As things get weirder and some of the crew gets debilitating headaches, especially Bon, the sullen Swede in charge of agriculture on the ship.

Did I mention that they’re escaping a deadly virus on Earth that attacks anyone over the age of 18?

Read the first book, The Comet’s Curse and you’ll be as addicted to this series as me.

Ship Breaker
written by Paolo Bacigalupi
Little Brown and Company, 2010
chapter book, sci-fi/fantasy

We’ve all read books set in the future, but Ship Breaker isn’t like any of those, it’s better.

Set in Florida, the world has changed into a bleak, crime-ridden place of despair, child labor and poverty. Our hero, Nailer, scavenges boats for his “crew”. When Nailer stumbles upon a fancy boat and a rich girl it leads him to reconsider his life, his friends and his family to hope that he won’t always be a ship breaker.

Have no fear, this is a dystopian-ish novel with hope. (Thank you, kind author!) I don’t doubt a future dystopia is possible (Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell is my current favorite book) so I equally love and fear any dystopian book which is why I’m glad Bacigalupi gave me a glimpse of hope for the future.

Ship Breaker is excellent – I hope there’s a sequel!

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