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The coolest book on oceans you’ll ever experience

May 23, 2010

Oceans:  The Ultimate Guide to Marine Life
Silver Dolphin Books, 2010

Read this book with me. The cover is three-dimensional, the binding is spiral.  Open it. Skip past the two giant posters and go straight to the first double page spread.

The hermit crab. Gorgeous photographs and interesting facts fill the pages.  But wait, what’s this?  It’s a transparent page with the outer shell and fast facts.  Lift that page and see the inside of the hermit crab — the organs, the heart, the brain.  Plus, more photographs and facts. You might play with the page and flip-flop it back and forth several times. If you’re under ten, you might flip it back and forth twenty times more before you continue on to the Lemon shark.

As a teacher, I’m quite particular about non-fiction books.  Why?  Most of them are poorly written and have way too much text.  This book balances the text (words) with photos (I love photos — much better than drawings, ask any kid) and effectively uses bold-faced type and bullet points.

This is a curl up with a good book kind of non-fiction book.  Rare, indeed.  And, it’s only one in a series!

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